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Rooting HTC Desire HD A9191 2.3.5 – Vodafone with AAHK Saturday, 21 April 2012

First of all many thanks to AAHK (Advanced Ace Hack KIT) team for making this so easy and possible, awesome release. Here i put on paper my root experience step by step.

  • OS: Windows 7 x64
  • Phone: HTC Desire HD A9191 (Android v2.3.5  |  HTC Sense v3.0  |  Software number 3.12.405.1 )
  • Application: Advanced Ace Hack Kit v.13012012
  • Custom ROM:  Android Revolution HD v6.3.2
  • Drivers: HTC USB Driver v3.0.0.007



  • download [aahk-13012012.zip] and unzip

Advanced Ace Hack Kit 13.01.2012 (the version that i used but is no longer available)
Advanced Ace Hack Kit 11.09.2012 (latest version)
Advanced Ace Hack Kit – more info on XDA

  • read carefull the [effen-manual.html]
  • make sure no antivirus software is enabled
  • make sure you uninstalled all software related to your phone (HTC Sync and drivers) or other phones, PDA and tablets you may have
  • into your phone go to Settings > Application > Development > [tick] USB debugging
  • install HTC USB Drivers for Android from \Advanced Ace Hack Kit\tools\windrivers\HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe
  • download a custom ROM. If you want something that looks like stock ROM, with Sense 3.0, etc … my suggestion is Android Revolution HD (many thanks to Android Revolution HD team for great work)

Android Revolution HD 6.3.2 (for HTC Desire HD)
Android Revolution HD – more info on XDA
Android Revolution HD – developer site


Running the process:

  • execute with Administrator privileges: hack-ace.cmd (for Windows 7)
  • enter the generated PASS KEY by pressing CAJUN.txt in [effen-manual.html] or you can find it in: \Advanced Ace Hack Kit\tools\txt\CAJUN.txt and press ENTER to start the process
  • the AAHK will check the version of your installed Android to see if is compatible, if is not compatible will automaticaly suggest to downgrade (see AAHK DOS Window Step 1 – Page 1) … type Y if you want to do it. RRU download will start (for me 247MB in 82sec at 4MB/s). When download is complete the process will copy required files to your phone SD card and the phone reboots in HBOOT, will continue with file integrity check (see AAHK DOS Window Step 1 – Page 2)
  • if everything is fine will prompt you to press [Volume Up] to start the downgrade process (see DHD-HBOOT Step 6.01)
  • after successful downgrade press [Power] to reboot, the phone will start normally as first time with wizard to configure the basics (see DHD-HBOOT Step 6.08-10)
  • now, to get ROOT just run again [hack-ace.cmd]


Install custom ROM:

  • disable [Fast boot] … Settings > Power > [untick] Fast boot
  • power-off and start your phone in recovery mode [Volume down + power] … keep the keys pressed till you see the HBOOT screen
  • from main menu chose Recovery to access AAHK ClockworkMod Recovery
  • here you choose ether [apply update from sdcard > Yes – Install /sdcard/update.zip] or [install zip from sdcard > use /sdcard/update.zip]. Wait till complete message appears [New ROM flashed successully! Reboot your device …] and reboot. First time boot after flashing will be longer (about 3min), just be pacient. (see Flash custom ROM)


HTC Desire HD button functions:

  • volume [+ /-] is for menu up / down navigation
  • power/screen-lock is for back into the upper menu



  1. Q says:

    Here is an discussion about stock ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1731324
    See link for Stock ROM (second post, from Muikkuman) there is endless refresh on that page, just press [ Your download should begin in 5 seconds. If it doesn’t start, follow this link.]

  2. Marcelo Báfica says:

    This sense is for my device? How to know to make this distinction?

  3. Q says:

    Because is on thread named: HTC Desire HD > Desire HD Q&A > [Q] HTC Desire HD Official Latest Stock ROM Untouched … so, yes is for HTC Desire HD, and second because is WWE … as they say on XDA forum “WWE stands for world wide edition, so it works for you too.”
    I downloaded the ROM too, successfully rooted mine when i wrote the tutorial, but you never know. Better to have it as long as it is.

  4. Marcelo Báfica says:

    Thank you… I’ll try to do something now late (Brazil / Brasília) and anything I give a feeling.

  5. Marcelo Báfica says:

    Q worked perfectly … Thank you for your attention and patience in those days that helped me recover the device!
    Do not know where you are, but what you need to know that here in Brasilia / Brazil can contact me I’ll do what I can to help him.

    Thankful same.

  6. Q says:

    Glad to hear that 😀 because like i said, i’ve downloaded too that ROM. So, your confirmation that is working is higly apreciated and certainly will help anyone who will get stuck in fail root situation.
    Btw … i’m in Romania (Europe)

  7. Marcelo Báfica says:

    Q Hi, my device everything was working perfectly, but something happened that I thought it would not happen again … Like I said, I’m using the ICS ROM 4.0.4 Blackout of xda-developers, but always or almost always retreat to the battery and turn on my phone it starts with the white screen of HTC boot and then gets a black screen and sits still . I can only solve this problem with much cost installing the ROM again.
    Had you noticed that? Have a suggestion?

  8. Q says:

    Man sorry, i use Android Revolution HD and is on Gingerbread. As far as i know HTC Desire HD is compatible only with Android OS, v2.2, v2.3, not upgradable to v4.x. If you have 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich and is working even with bugs then you are sooooooo lucky but i suggest to stay with Froyo if you want a stable phone or to test on your own risks

  9. Marcelo Brazil says:

    Very good, you are masters of the world HDH! Congratulations!

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