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Reset Windows XP login passwords without using third party applications Saturday, 24 March 2012

The information below applies in case that you forgot your password and of course as a consequence you can not log into Windows XP. Methods outlined below are not using any third party applications or BOOT disks.


First method is the easiest but is valid only if the forgotten password is not the Administrator account password. So we assume that the Windows was installed with default settings:


  • by default Windows XP installation automatically creates Administrator account with no password. This is usefull for cases in which you can’t login because you forgot your password. To solve that, at login screen press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys twice and it’ll show login window. All you hate to do is to type Administrator in user name and leave password field blank. As Administrator you can reset ore delete any account passwords from Control Panel > User accounts.


Second method is to reset your login password by repairing Windows using installation CD/DVD. Just follow the instructions below:


  • BOOT your system using Windows XP installation disk
  • at first screen that asks about repair is using Recovery Console so you need to hit enter to continue, not R for recovery. Follows the EULA screen where you press F8 to accept and continue and finally here it is, in order is the third screen or if you prefer second repair screen where your current installation was already detected, so press R to start repairing your current Windows instalation
  • setup will start repairing your Windows by copying necessary files and restarts your system. Make sure you don’t press a key again, when it shows [Press any key to continue …] so that the process will resume where it left off
  • watch the steps that installation process makes and press Shift + F10 when you see that is at [Installing Windows – Installing devices] to open [command prompt] window and type nusrmgr.cpl to open [User Accounts] window
  • remove or reset any account password and let installation process to finish the repairs

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