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How to remove – Malware Protection designed to protect ! Tuesday, 10 May 2011

First of all what is Mallware Protection ?
It is a fake (rogue) antispyware application that perfom fake antivirus scan and uses false – positives  to scam you for money.

What it does ?
The problem with MP is that you can’t open any application that can close the process [defender.exe]. So no Task Manager, no Registry Editor (regedit), no Computer Management not even the browser, i’ve tested only with IE8 but i can safely asume that no other will launch. Any antivirus software you may have already installed on your system is now closed. So may seem that you need to workaround with Safe Mode or even reinstall your OS.

How to remove Malware Protection:
– download Process View v. (i suppose you need to do that with another PC since browser will not launch)
– unpack Process View and rename the [prcview.exe] to [explorer.exe]
– run the application, now you have fully functional “Task Manager”
– find and kill [defender.exe]

– also you can use [taskmgr.exe], just copy the file on desktop, rename it in explorer.exe (location c:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe)

I can guarantee that the [prcview.exe] works like described above, a presume that [taskmgr.exe] will do the same job but i didn’t tested. Anyway this is the simple way to get rid of MP.


  1. Q says:

    Don’t OPEN/RUN [taskmgr.exe], just COPY on desktop, rename it in explorer.exe then you can OPEN/RUN

  2. U says:

    Thanks so much! Worked like a charm.
    I was actually able to kill it in the taskmaster the first time by being quick with the keyboard shorcuts, but they changed it after that to the services tab, so I couldn’t change over in time. I despise the people who made this.

  3. cabowabodunc says:

    great advice. worked like a dream… THANKS

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