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How to enable permanent web remote access on Huawei HG655b Friday, 28 December 2012

By default ADSL modem Huawei HG655b won’t allow permanent web remote control, only for limited amount of time (25 min) from Maintenance > Access External. Any setup will have no effect, including setting up port forward rules port in Advanced > NAT > Port Mapping or enabling DMZ in Advanced > NAT > DMZ (this was strange one, to put the router in DMZ but it was worth trying). Neither Advanced > Firewall > Application filtering is no go.


The only solution is:

  • go to Advanced > Firewall > ACL
  • press [ New ] button to add new service type exception
  • at the bottom of the page:
    • Service type: HTTP
    • Access direction: WAN
    • Start IP address: [nothing]
    • End IP address: [nothing]
    • press [Submit] … and test the remote access, the effect is immediate, no need to restart the modem


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