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How to delete an order in PrestaShop™ v1.5.2.0 Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The option to delete an order should be common function on any platform but Prestahop is not providing it, maybe is a good thing or maybe not, i’m not here to judge that. But in any case is funny that in Administration > Permissions are various user levels that can be modified and the delete permission is there even for orders, is something like “to be or not to be”. So if the option exists, this means that the function is also there, just is hidden or disabled by code. Here is a very simple way to enable delete option and icon right in orders administration panel. To do so just follow the steps:


  • go in your PrestaShop FTP folder, in /controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php
  • at line 37, go below and add the following line:
  • after adding the line, your code should look like this ( i’ve copy/paste a larger portion of code to be easy to locate):
$this->table = 'order';
$this->className = 'Order';
$this->lang = false;
$this->explicitSelect = true;

$this->deleted = false;
$this->context = Context::getContext();


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