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Wireless configuration WLAN Partition on D-Link DIR-825 Friday, 22 February 2013

As the title says on each router (our example case DIR-825) configuration interface there is an advanced configuration where you can set amongst other settings the WLAN partition, usually is disabled. This is serious set so if you don’t need to restrict any comunications between wireless clients leave it DISABLED (see the pictures for punctual example).

Enabling WLAN Partition prevents associated wireless clients from communicating with each other. This means that nothing will pass through router from one wireless station to another, no ping, no share, no nothing. The router is preventing wireless clients to comunicate. Initially i though that is all about ad-hoc conections between wireless clients even if that doesn’t makes much sense since this connection type is not involving the router or other central device to manage the network. So, if you ask me this function is pretty much useless because almost everything about private network is about sharing resources between LAN devices.


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