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Windows XP – Use the welcome screen is not working on first login or after screensaver Saturday, 24 November 2012

If the Welcome screen does not display on first logon, recall from stand-by or after screensaver ends the following scenarios need to be checked (see also the pictures for every case):

  1. Check your Local Area Connection for installed network clients or check thirs party software that may enable [Client Service for Netware]:
    Local Area Connection > General (tab) > Properties > General (tab) > This connection uses the following items: … see if there is [ Client Service for Netware ] and remove it
  2. Check your user accounts settings:
    Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > Change the way users log on and off > make sure that both options are checked [ Use the Welcome screen ] and [ Use Fast User Switching ]
  3. Check offline files settings:
    Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > Offline Files (Tab) > [untick] Enable Offline Files
  4. Open and edit your Group Policy:
    Start > Run > type [ gpedit.msc ] and hit Enter > Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Logon > double click on [ Always use classic logon ] and set it to disable.
  5. If none of the above solutions works for the case when computer cames out of stand-by or screensaver (mostly for screensaver case), and there is only one user account active, screen server password settings needs to be checked:
    Start > Control Panel > Display > Sreen Saver (tab) > should be [ On resume, display Welcome screen ]
    If the checkbox has [On resume, password protect] that is because Windows activates classic logon when brings the computer out of screensaver, if there is only one active account. The only way to activate Welcome screen is to create another account with or without password or to activate Administrator account using Tweak UI Powertoy. Enabling Guest account is useless since this account does not obey the regular user policy and will have no effect on screen saver checkbox. You can try to suppress the account that you don’t need using Tweak UI Powertoy but, again is useless, [ On resume, display Welcome screen ] will be immediately replaced with [On resume, password protect] on screen saver checkbox. All changes are imediate, is no need to restart the computer.


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