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SBS2003 how to solve wrong domain assignment – server.mshome.net Thursday, 1 December 2011

Issue: DHCP server asign [server.mshome.net] to local server instead of [server.mydomain]

Diagnosis: Everything works just great. Reconcile scope on DHCP verifies as: The database is consistent. There are no assigned strange IP-s. RRaS has no issue.

Info: If your DHCP / RRaS server works as supose to then most probable explanation for wrong server name and domain is the hosts.ics that stores IP/NAME/and most important LEASE DATE as shown in taken screens.

Resolution: Go to [c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\] open hosts.ics. The file is automatically generated by ICS and they recommend “Please do not make changes to the HOSTS.ICS file” … yah ! sure. Now you can:

  • simply delete the file [hosts.ics]
  • delete all the lines

in both cases the [hosts.ics] will no longer be involved in IP/NAME/LEASE assignment and will be recreated / rewritten if is the case. There is more, you multiply the line and change the IP/NAME for your LAN hosts. Save and scan to see results.

One Comment

  1. Ahmed Yussef says:

    Thank you so much you gave me the perfect solution 🙂
    I searched for this problem for a long time.

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