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Miranda IM – import from txt files and more … Monday, 12 September 2011

For quite some time i was looking for something that will allow history import from *.txt file. Finally here we go, the only way (so far) to import plain text history file into Miranda IM history database.


  • Miranda IM plugin: importtxt.dll
  • Aditional dll: pcre3.dll


  • copy pcre3.dll into C:Windows\System32\
  • register pcre3.dll using [cmd] (type: regsvr32 pcre3.dll)
  • copy content of importtxt.zip into Miranda folder
  • start Miranda IM and look for [Import history] in main menu



  1. Sony says:

    This works only with ICQ protocol?

  2. Q says:

    I’ve tested with Yahoo but should work with all supported protocols. Since i’ve imported an *.txt file from History++ export i got that header. So your *.txt file should look like this, here is a sample of successfully imported text history file (assuming that you choose “History ++ pattern”):

    ### Full History Log
    ### *Your_Name (YAHOO: **Your_ID) - *Companion_Name (YAHOO: **companion_ID)
    ### (generated by history++ plugin)

    [19.07.2012 18:43:28] Companion_Name:
    message from companion ...

    [19.07.2012 18:43:43] Your_Name:
    message from me ...

    * Your_Name / Companion_Name – exacly as it is on your Miranda
    ** your_ID / companion_ID – exacly as it is on your Miranda

    … and another two things !
    a) successfull import but ZERO messages are imported ! … means that the header is backward, so you need to inverse Your_Name (ID) with Companion_Name (ID)
    b) successfull import but the messages are backwards you need to invert Your_Name with Companion_Name in every message, thats easy with a good text editor (find / replace all)

  3. Sony says:

    Still not work. 🙁
    I’m use History++ (2in1) [alpha 2011.10.11] v1.5.1.5 and Import TXT v0.0.1.10 : http://www.miranda-vi.org/report/wolfram/
    My imported *.txt file looks like this: http://www.berserkfan.info/test.txt
    My historypp_p.ini file: http://www.berserkfan.info/historypp_p.ini

    When I import I have this error: http://www.berserkfan.info/error.PNG
    PS sorry for my bad English…

  4. Q says:

    Since i don’t have/use GG i can only advice you.
    – your test.txt seem fine to me. No syntax errors.
    – make sure the contact that you want to import the history exist and you spelled right, the same for ID.
    – make sure that your Name/ID for that protocol is right.
    – try to export an current GG contact history from your Miranda, copy/paste the log header, change the names/ID’s … thats should work. But as far i can see, i’ve exported from Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and Jabber … all headers are the same so doesn’t matter what protocol it is.

    Ah, almost forgot, my Hystory++ (2in1) is v1.5.1.4 and import TXT is v0.0.1.9 … so again, i don’t know if the import will work with your versions. For start you should download – import TXT v0.0.1.9 that i’ve linked above, see if is working.

  5. MuF says:

    can anyone help me with the .ini pattern file?
    I want to import history from imo.im.

    any help will be appreciated! 🙂

    the history is exported to format like this:

    “icq_number_buddy1”: [
    “from”: “me”,
    “message”: “blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”,
    “timestamp”: “2010-03-31 10:13:00”,
    “to”: “icq_number_buddy1”
    “from”: “icq_number_buddy1”,
    “message”: “blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,
    “timestamp”: “2010-03-31 11:07:00”,
    “to”: “me”
    “123456789”: [
    “from”: “me”,
    “message”: “blaaaaaaaaaaaaah”,
    “timestamp”: “2012-01-26 13:18:00”,
    “to”: “123456789”

    • Q says:

      the history format must be (unfortunately no exceptions are allowed):

      ### Full History Log
      ### ME (YAHOO: me-ID) - SOMEONE (YAHOO: someone-ID)
      ### (generated by history++ plugin)

      [21.09.2005 20:22:46] SOMEONE:

      [22.11.2005 11:21:06] ME:

      • MuF says:

        this doesn’t seem correct – take a look at for example pigeon import ini – not a mention aon “###” anywhere.
        Name=Pigeon import pattern

        • Q says:

          I’m afraid you losed me, the [ importtxt.dll ] plugin for Miranda does the job but only with the above txt history file format (if we talk about History++). I my case Miranda “missplaced” some of my history that i got with a friend, so i wanted a way to import that history back. That friend of mine provided the text file (History++ export from Miranda) but i got stuck there, no way to import it in my Miranda. After many months of search i found this plugin which did the trick with some changes in *.txt file. Here i talk about Yahoo protocol but History++ treats all protocols in the same way so, if you use History++ is easy to import but you need to provide the correct file, as stated above.

          Anyway if you use another plugin for Miranda history, you should export a sample so you can see the format, then edit your history file accordingly. This is what i did for History++, kinda reverse engineering. Is not easy because you need to edit multiple records but can be done with fair text editor like Win32Pad and as you can see from article screenshots it works.

          • MuF says:


            why the author (you? 🙂 ) put there such a menu if you couldn’t change the pattern?

            I can’t edit my history file accordingly because it is over 3MB large. Yea I can write simple parser for that – I was just asking – if the parser is already there how can I just feed him proper patterns to import my history file as it is 🙂

  6. Q says:

    Because the challenge was to find a way to import txt files into Miranda history not the pattern. I wasn’t interested to change the pattern, for me was enough the chance to import since the text files can be mass modified (find all – replace all). My history was 20MB and i could easily change it. If is more efficient for you to write a parser i’m happy for you but i can’t help because i’m not a programmer. If you already got the importtxt.dll in Miranda, you can see who’s the author in Miranda Option under Plugins.

    Author: Abyss
    E-mail: abyss.andrey@gmail.com
    Copyright: (C)2008 Abyss

  7. MuF says:

    oh I get it… you didn’t even see the .ini files then, right?

    • Q says:

      If you refer to Miranda\plugins\importtxt\*.ini … i saw them but was no point for me to try to understand the variables/patterns since for History++ is working flawless. I only need it to change he history txt file, to inverse the parties involved in the conversation since the file that i got was from my friend.

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