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Event ID 1000 – Microsoft Outlook 2002 SP3 crashes on close Saturday, 24 November 2012

On every close Microsoft Outlook 2002 crashes with event ID 1000 – dccmsp32.dll. The library dccmsp32.dll named [ WinFax Message Store Provider ] that is causing the error is related to the Symantec WinFax Pro application. The library is responsable for WinFax and Outlook integration. Without this library the integrated folder [WinFax FAX Logs] is not accessible.

Event Source: Microsoft Office 10
Event ID: 1000
Description: Faulting application outlook.exe, version 10.0.6863.0, faulting module dccmsp32.dll, version 10.0.2000.929, fault address 0x00005346.

The WinFax library path is: c:\WINDOWS\system32\dccmsp32.dll

There are two ways to bypass this error:

  1. Remove the library [ dccmsp32.dll ], the WinFax FAX Logs folder still displays inside Outlook but is not accessible, this is the only result, WinFax will continue to function properly.
  2. Remove [ WinFax Fax Logs ] folder from Microsoft Outlook. This can be done in two ways:
    • direct remove from Outlook > left click on [ WinFax Fax Logs ] > Close “Symantec WinFax” or Outlook > File > Data File Management > select and remove WinFax Fax Logs
    • remove via Control Panel > Mail > Data Files > select and remove WinFax Fax Logs

I said baypass the crash because unfortunately there is no solution in case that you want to view the faxes via Microsoft Outlook. Anyway removing the folder from Outlook does not alter in anyway the WinFax database, it only removes the link to WinFax. Since the dccmsp32.dll is used only to establish the link for fax logs the Outlook contacts shared with WinFax are not affected.

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