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Samsung CLX-3160 – Deve home sensor error Saturday, 25 August 2012

A common error for Samsung SCX series 2xxx, 3xxx laser printers is [ Deve home sensor ]. Error occurs mainly when the printer is moved. In this particular case we approach the Samsung SCX-3160, pretty old model but is still working with few exceptions. In this particular case the printer was moved and after that the [ Deve home sensor error ] started. The error occurs after few prints, depends how hot is the printer, if the printer is powered for several hours the error occurs when you try to print first page, if the printer wasn’t powered for some time, on power-on the error may accur after several printed pages. The solution to this problem is not that hard as one might think.


Procedure (read the steps and watch the pictures):

  • unscrew the four back panel screws to loosen the panel
  • remove front cartridge cover by puling up the security clip and pull the cover to right side
  • remove upper corner plastic cap by pulling towards printers front, will cut loose the clip on the upper side of the cap
  • unscrew the two front panel screws
  • remove side panel by pulling down and cutting lose the clips on the upper side
  • identify the deve sensor spring and bend the left arm toward the front of the printer ( attention ! do not bend too much may break )

Is better to test the results before closing up, so put a screwdriver into front cartridge close-switch to simulate the closed lid and start some test pages, if everything works like it should and no [ Deve home sensor ] comes up fit all panels, screws in place.



  1. Freek Weggeman says:

    Worked perfectly on my CLX 2160 as well!
    The covers are different, so they have to be treated different as well, but the spring cab be hardened in the same way.

  2. Barry says:

    Tried these steps but I still get the error. The shaft seems to turn and engage fine but the error still shows. Any thoughts?

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