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Microsoft SideWinder X8 – right feet issue ! Monday, 31 January 2011

Bad experience with Microsoft SideWinder X8. Is unbalanced, is about mouse feet under right click . That is not touching the func/pad surface for this reason sometimes when you click the right button mouse balances forward and back depends on the pressure you put on that click. Seen that i’ve got the mice replaced thought that is just bad luck on first one. The nice part is about to come, if the first X8 had about 1mm gap the second one got same problem only that is only 0.5mm gap. So if i got two brand-new mices with same problem i safe to assume that is manufacturing issue ?

Anyway i got a simple solution for 0.5mm gap. Get the feet out, cut two sheets of paper to the right dimensions to fit between the feet clamps and place it there. Install the feet back into the mouse. More than two pieces of paper will not do the trick because the feet will not properly align into mouse designed spot, therefore will not be stable.

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