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How to open Toshiba Satellite L300-11F Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Disassembly instructions guide for Toishiba Satellite L300-11F notebook. Here we cover the all important parts, release and removing the keyboard, front cover, display and mainboard.

2013-04-03-14-11-41-q 2013-04-03-14-11-53-q 2013-04-03-14-18-28-q STEP 1 – remove external covers

  • remove the battery
  • remove the two screws securing the hard drive unit
  • remove the screw securing memory module cover
  • remove the screw securing optical unit (after removing memory cover)
  • remove the memory module (if is needed)
  • remove all thirteen screws securing the back frame
  • remove all three screws in the battery seat
2013-04-03-14-13-10-q 2013-04-03-14-13-49-q 2013-04-03-14-15-42-q STEP 2 – remove keyboard

  • release the upper frame by inserting a plain screwdriver on upper corner and lift up the frame, towards display
  • remove the two screws securing the keyboard and lift up the keyboard, towards touchpad
  • remove the keyboard by pulling towards display to release the lower dents
  • disconnect keyboard data ribbon (pull up side nozzle)
2013-04-03-14-16-25-q 2013-04-03-14-17-18-q STEP 3 – remove upper frame & mainboard access

  • remove five screws positionated under keyboard, that are securing the front cover
  • make sure you have unwrapped the data cables (touchpad data ribbon and speakers cable)
  • pull the frame up and pay attention to the side hooks (are three on left side and four on side)
  • now you have access to the mainboard
2013-04-03-14-17-31-q STEP 5 – release and remove display

  • left hand, remove the two screws and disconnect display data ribbon and wifi antena
  • right hand, remove the two screws and disconnect webcam and backlight ribbons
  • deatach antenna cables from WIFI-NIC board
  • to completely remove the display you need to release the mainboard, the WIFI antenna cables are trapped in a clamps
imag0695 imag0696 imag0697 STEP 6 – release and remove LCD pannel

  • remove rubber caps and remove the six screws
  • to release display frame, grab and pull the frame upwards and slightly outwards
  • to remove the LCD panel just remove remaining screws from the metallic frame
2013-04-03-14-18-57-q 2013-04-03-14-19-09-q 2013-04-03-14-19-31-q STEP 7 – power connector

  • checking the broken power connector rim


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