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How to open iPhone 3G / 3GS Friday, 19 February 2010

To open iPhone 3G / 3GS follow the steps (also see the pictures):

  • remove the two screws from the dock-connector end of the iPhone.
  • there is a rubber gasket between the silver front bezel and black display assembly. Some force is required to separate the iPhone’s display.
  • to remove the display use a small suction cup on lower end (near the Home button) and pull up the bottom section of the display.
  • the display is still connected to the PCB by 3 cables, so don’t try to remove it at this point. Rotate the display up until it is at an angle of approximately 90 degrees. Gently pull up the cables one by one.


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    Dar te-ai “dicstrat”, nu gluma 🙂

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