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HTC Desire HD power consumption

D. HTC DHD Power Consumption - General

After rooting and flashed custom ROM, HTC Desire HD A9191 power consumption has changed dramatically. If, with original ROM, in average use the battery almost managed to hold around 14 hours or around 36 hours in stand-by  with all optimizations that i could do, now with custom rom easily comes to 24 hours for average […]

Rooting HTC Desire HD A9191 2.3.5 ...


First of all many thanks to AAHK (Advanced Ace Hack KIT) team for making this so easy and possible, awesome release. Here i put on paper my root experience step by step. OS: Windows 7 x64 Phone: HTC Desire HD A9191 (Android v2.3.5  |  HTC Sense v3.0  |  Software number 3.12.405.1 ) Application: Advanced Ace Hack Kit v.13012012 […]

How to get a screenshot on Android ...

Since last update for HTC Desire HD  to Android 2.3.5  – HTC Sense 3.0 seem like we got natural way hassle free to take a picture of our phones screen. No need to root or third party application, no need for complicated procedures  just follow this key combination, is easy: hold POWER button tap  on […]

Review Gingerbread update – Andr ...


Finally the latest version of Gingerbread has arrived. HTC Incredible S and HTC Desire HD can now be upgraded the latest version of Gingerbread v3.12.405.1 which contains: Android 2.3.5  – fixes some bugs and security flaws HTC Sense 3.0 – changes almost everything Lock-Screen: perhaps the best feature brought by Sense 3.0 is the ability […]

Get root on HTC Wildfire A3333 wit ...

Get root on HTC Wildfire A3333 with UnrEVOked 3.21 - usb debugging enabled

First of all many thanks to UnrEVOked team for making this easy and possible, awesome release. Here i put on paper my root experience step by step. OS: Windows 7 x86 Phone: HTC Wildfire A3333 (Android v1.25.405.1) Application: UnrEVOked v 3.21 Drivers: unrEVOked modified USB driver Preparations: go to UnrEVOked and download the application according to your installed […]

Review HTC Wildfire black – HTC- ...

Review HTC Wildfire black – HTC-A3333BK - full package

HTC Wildfire out of the box … the first thing that strikes when you fire up for the first time the HTC Wildfire is the resolution. It is the worst choice ever made by HTC engineers when they thought this phone. The 240 x 320 simply are not enough for a 3.2 inch screen. You […]