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Review Viber for Android … Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Here we go … Viber it is ! There are already Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live, Skype and more that offer both audio and video for some years, what would be needed another application for audio-video communication ? and yet new one was born another one. Who knows ? Maybe it’s better for us, users. Launched initially for iOS, recently for Android and BlackBerry follows. Nothing new up here, another VoIP application that uses any type of data connection but does not support video but lets take a closer look.

Viber is an application for iPhone® and Android™ phones that lets you make free phone calls and send text messages to anyone who also has the application installed. You can call or text any Viber user, anywhere in the world, for free – really ? as far as i known data connection doesn’t come for free. Anyway the Viber application is free. Viber integrates with existing address book, does not require a PIN, username or any additional purchase / fee. To get started with Viber you need to go to the Android Market from either you phone or your desktop browser and download / install the free application. Go through a quick activation process, where you enter your phone number and then wait for an SMS to arrive, containing your activation code. Once you are done with the activation, you are ready to start as long as you have data connection.


  • quick activation, requiers your phone number to get activation key
  • automatically syncs with phonebook, even call log.
  • pop-up notifications let you respond to the message directly


  • beside messaging, Vibe design doesn’t shines in any way. Is simple and that is good but can be improved. An example would be the Call Screen that displays a tiny contact picture, even smaller than that displayed by android dialer.
  • sometimes disconnects for no reason. I experienced myself this phenomenon, Vibe – service disconnected but the data connection was active and functional. Application or phone restart won’t help. The service activated automatically when my phone detected and changed to my router wireless.
  • if you place a call and your call get rejected, Vibe will still ring on your terminal, ring tone will be heared from speaker even if call was terminated for quite some time. No chance to see: disconnected, reject or something only  Calling …
  • another surprise, this one is for Bluetooth headset users, no matter the situation call completion: end call, reject, disconnected, etc. – remains active until the bluetooth headset disconnect / connect manually
  • does not integrate with SO but in a way is a good thing if you consider the feature that allow us to directly respond to incoming messages.



Resource statistics – used only to place the call, no answer
Resource Viber Skype
CPU Usage
Total CPU Time 35s 39s
Time Since Start 3h 10m 13s 15h 20m 41s
Average Consumption 0.3% 0.1%
Memory Usage (MB)
Resident 48.1 42.9
Shared 17.0 16.1
Effective  31.1 26.8


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