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Review Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system. Let’s take a look at the system quality. The satellite speakers are simple but stylish and beside all are surprisingly solid and heavy. Rubber feet are highly efficient, fully adhere to the surface. Even they seem to be small, satellites dimensions are 155mm x 100mm (H x W ) inclined at 75 degree and can be mounted on wall. The subwoofer has 290mm x 280mm x 320mm (H x W x L) indeed is way smaller that Z5500 one but has only 10 mm less in hight and 50mm less in lenght than Klipsch Promedia 5.1 subwoofer. The finishes are good but could be better, speaker grille is perhaps the most troublesome because of outside shell that comes out of the case with 25mm. The good thing is that is ferm and solid.

The sound quality is not bad seen the oldest brother, Z5500 maybe not that loud but still is enough for home use. Clear sound even when turned up loud. The bass is rich enough, crisp and clear, fills the room perfectly. If i look back at my oldest system, Klipsch Promedia 5.1 i can hear the difference especially for low frequencies, which are not so natural as for Klipsch but is not that disturbing as i expected. To quantify, we can say that on a scale of 1 to 10, Klipsch is 10 and the Z906 at 8.5. For stereo auditions the 3D effect function is quite nice, does its job by filling all five speakers. In terms of generated heat the case remains cool only the backplate is hot, around 45oc but anyway, much colder than the Klipsch.

If we look back at the Z5500 we can safely say that the new console is better quality in every way. The design resembles the satellites. LEDs and buttons settlement easily highlights the functionality, anyone that sees even for first time an 5.1 speaker system immediately understand what effect has each button and representation of each LED. Maybe a little less bright LEDs would have been indicated seen that the color is orange.

The only real downside that i see for Logitech Z906 speaker system is the lack of HDMI connectors and, maybe the short lenght and poor quality of 6-channel cable that comes in the package. There is something more, you can adjust the sound level for subwoofer, rear left/right speakers and center speaker only. This is more than odd even for Logitech, there is no hardware support to adjust the level of front left/right speakers. I’ve played some 5.1 audio tracks, i tried to change the volume for the rear speakers and the result was as expected, the sound volume difference was clearly visible but for front speakers was almost nonexistent fade effect, i couldn’t hear the difference.

Logitech Z906 specifications:

Total wats (RMS): 500w
Subwoofer: 165w (6 ohms, 52Hz, 10% THD)
Satellites: 335w RMS (5 x 67w per channel, 4 ohms, 3.85KHz, 10% THD)
Maximum SPL: > 110 dBC
Frequency response: 35 Hz – 20KHz
Amplifier: Ultra Efficient Class D
Input impedance: 8 ohms
Signal to noise ratio, A-weighted: > 95dB
Drivers: Satellites: 3″ polished aluminium phase plug drivers
Subwoofer: 8″ high-excursion ported driver with 6th-order bass reflex enclosure
Supported digital formats: Dolby Digital and DTS Sigital Sound
Source inputs: 1 x Digital Coaxial
2 x Digital Optical
1 x 6-channel direct (3.5mm)
1 x Stereo (RCA)
1 x Analog stereo-mini (3.5mm)


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