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Review Gingerbread update – Android 2.3.5 with Sense 3.0 for HTC Desire HD Sunday, 18 December 2011

Finally the latest version of Gingerbread has arrived. HTC Incredible S and HTC Desire HD can now be upgraded the latest version of Gingerbread v3.12.405.1 which contains:

  • Android 2.3.5  – fixes some bugs and security flaws
  • HTC Sense 3.0 – changes almost everything

Lock-Screen: perhaps the best feature brought by Sense 3.0 is the ability to launch favorite applications directly from the lock-screen, that you can choose. Also comes with new and better look. In addition, via Personalization Menu – Lock Screen you can chose between other sixs themes – wallpaper, photo album, friend stream, weather, stocks and clock. The text characters are now lighter and  smoother than ever. Sense 3.0 also comes with Watch application which enables you to play movies trailers, very simple application, no fancy settings or functions but it’s a start.

Mail: new look for email client, more like Apple iPhone style that enables you to see couple of content lines directly. Now you can navigate between e-mail accounts with only two taps but still you need to get into Menu > Refresh to send / receive new e-mails. The mail number bug shown on mail icon remains, still after that you tap in and get out, number of unread / new mails vanishes in thin air.

Calendar:  the new calendar look even if is better the fact that you see the events on hour and you need to scroll down alot and is not practical at all, was better before with all events aligned below each other. And is not all, even if you add some event with description with a period of, lets say, couple of hours you still don’t see event aditional description even is plenty of space, wasted space.

Messages and dialer: here we have total downgrade. As an example, lets see an SMS from mobile service provider, something like:

Missed calls: xxxx xxx xxx
day 12/12
hour 12:00

If until now we could tap the number that appears in the message then we could choose what to do with it including displaying contact if it exists in the phone book. That was very helpful considering that one of the basic functions of the smartphone should be to identify the number in phone book and display the contact on request. If until now we had hoped to see a change in addition, for example telephone number to be automatically replaced with the corresponding name in the phone book, now we have no function at all. Now tapping the phone number has only one effect, that is reported directly in dialer to call, some sort of copy / paste.

Sense 3.0 seems to come with some unresolved issues from testing phase. After installing various application updates, Sense restarts every time. If this happens occasionally is not a problem but when happens after each update then it becomes annoying. Even worse, when some application closes abnormally again sense restarts.

The update has 228MB so, as usual, better update over WiFi to ovoid data charges.

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