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Review HP Pavilion G6 – Intel i3-380M Thursday, 29 December 2011

HP Pavilion G6 with a general appearance of glossy gray – black  is nothing special for an budget machine. Surfaces that are made of glossy plastic, which is not the best choice since it smudges easily and specially because they do not resist scratches as much as matte surfaces.

  • Case and display : the case is quite sturdy for a budget notebook. Screen lid twists easily but that is nothing new for any notebook. The good part is that display joints are metal made, strongly anchored into the chassis. And, well like many others the screen is prone to fingerprints.
  • Connectors : on the right side upper corner we have USB and power conectors which are excellent positioned. On the left side are USB connectors, headphone – mic jacks,  integrated card reader and HDMI connectors that are not in the best place but are close.
  • Touch Pad : with average sensitivity has an strange texture. Unfortunately pointer speed can be changed only through Windows settings, which are not enough to traverse the whole screen with one motion.
  • LED indicators : there are disk and power indicator lights which are positioned in the worst place, on the left side corner. Other LEDs are perfectly positioned on each button with ON / OFF function, wireless LED is on F12 and power LED is on the power-button and in addion the power plug has another LED which is orange on charge and it turns white when the battery is full. Even Caps Lock has own LED.

For perfomance, benchmark results see Review Dell Vostro 3550

Cooler fan noise level:
IDLE: 32dB / CPU temperature 32c / room temperature 22c / case temperature 37c
FULL: 52dB / CPU temperature 88c / room temperature 22c / case temperature 38c

– full HDD surface scan, time: 1:24
– benchmark HDD
– CPU usage, average: 20%
– display ON: 100% (brightness 50%)
– WIFI 130Mbps, average bandwidth: 3%
Time on battery: 2:27 (100% – 7%)

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